Celebrating 243 Years of Freedom

243 years ago today, this beautiful country that we all live in changed forever when arguably, the most influential political figures in the history of this great country signed the Declaration of Independence. It’s because of that and so much more that we are able to live out our lives freely. It’s because of the millions of men and women that selflessly gave their lives on the frontlines of battle and those that’s continue to fight day in and day out to defend and ensure our freedom. It’s because of the courage that many people that fought fearlessly at The Battle of The Alamo, Chancellorsville, Vietnam, both World Wars, The Battle of New Orleans and so much more. Johnny Cash said it best when he said: “She’s gettin’ thread-bare and she’s wearing thin, but she’s in great shape for the shape she’s in. Cause she’s been through the fire before and I believe she can take a whole lot more.” Today, while you’re barbecuing, eating ribs, watching baseball or whatever you may do. Take a moment and be thankful for the freedom that we all enjoy. I’m incredibly proud of the ragged old flag that stands for this great country. It’s been through hell and back but it still stands tall. God Bless America. Happy Independence Day to you and yours. May we all know the real reason for this great day.

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